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Richmond Tennis Association


HIGHLIGHTS SUMMARY: Bouncing back! Our 6.0 Mixed team swept the league leading team from Laney/Alameda, 3-0. Our 7.0 Men's team won our second match against the Claremont Resort and Spa team, 2-1, before succumbing to Laney/Alameda, 1-2. Our 7.0 Mixed team lost a hard fought match vs. Salesian, 1-2.





6.0 Mixed: Great effort to prevail, 3-0, over league leading Laney/Alameda!


#1 Doubles: Vicky Mangaser and Pete Volin combined to win their line. Vicky and Pete trailed for nearly all of the first set, but came back to tie it up at 6-6 and then win an 8-6 tiebreak! In the second set we got an early lead and held on for a 6-4 victory to clinch. Our team's consistent play prevailed over the Laney team's more powerful but at times less consistent strokes. Fight fire with water - that's our motto.


#2 Doubles: Curtis Barnes and Flor Salinas dominated their line with solid returns and an aggressive net game, Flor and Curtis never let their opponents get established, taking the match 6-1, 6-2. 


#3 Doubles: Fely Mariuzza and Gary Capra lost the first set after a disagreement on the courts that was resolved with sportsmanship.  They decided to play the point over but they lost concentration and the set, 5-7. In the second set they re-focused and they took it, 6-4.  The third set they fought back with all their might and in true "Fely-style" won the third.  As Fely says,  "you fight hard and do not give up"



7.0 Mixed: We lost 2 tiebreakers to fall to Salesian, 1-2.


#1 Doubles: Michael Simpson and Winnie Shamash, playing together for the first time, had their games well synchronized with Michael's strategically placed shots and Winnie's steady play to dominate, 6-2, 6-3. Well played!!


#2 Doubles: Laura Imbong and Aris Garcia started slowly with a first set loss, 2-6, We came charging back to win the second set tiebreaker! Alas, no energy left for the third set which we lost 0-6.


#3 Doubles: David Hurlbut and Cindy Mark were hitting all their shots enroute to a 1st set win, 6-2. That tennis bug-a-boo (unforced errors) crept into the second set which we lost, 1-6, followed by a 2-10 super tiebreaker loss. 



7.0 Men: 2 matches on Sunday! We started off great against the Claremont Resort and Spa with a, 2-1, victory. Then, in our second match of the day, we were not able to unseat the league leading team from Laney/Alameda as we lost, 1-2.


Claremont Resort and Spa at 10:00 on Sunday:


#1 Doubles: Terry Ligocki welcomed Rich Andrea back to match play after his recent back rehab. They had many stirring rallies before succumbing, 3-6, 5-7. Rich, well played after so long away from the courts!


#2 Doubles: Louie Mangaser and Alfredo Quiroz had the deciding line but started slowly with a 1st set, 2-6, loss. We fell behind in the second set, 5-6, before the Yoda syndrome (just ask!) set in. We won the set tie breaker, 7-5, and went on to win the deciding super tiebreaker, 10-8. Nicely done as we surprised them!


#3 Doubles: Michael Simpson and Garry Hurlbut very effectively used Michael's court sense/strategy to dominate the 1st set, 6-0. As frequently happens, our opponents took advantage of our lapse in focus to jump out to a 3-0 lead. Then, we settled in and pressured our opponents, enroute to a 6-4 win and the chance to go cheer on Louie and Fredo's great closing.


Laney/Alameda at 2:00 on Sunday:


Kudos to Terry, Louie and Garry for playing back-to-back matches! Terry bounced back from the morning  loss to team with Gary Soto for a win. Unfortunately, Louie and Garry were not able to match Terry's effort as we lost the match to league-leading Laney.


#1 Doubles: Garry and David Hurlbut bravely took on Laney's top ranked lefty-righty pair and succumbed, 1-6, 1-6, regardless of Garry's swan dive angled retrieval which won a point in one of our winning games  - Ouch to both bleeding elbows!


#2 Doubles: Terry Ligocki and Gary Soto had many spirited rallies as we won the 1st set, 6-4, followed by a comeback 7-5 2nd set win. Well played!



     Garry and Maryn Hurlbut Trust


OTHER SUPPORTING PARTNERS:  City of Richmond  Richmond Police Activities League  US Tennis Association, Northern California