The Plunge Garden


Pictures by Carmen Erasmus

The Plunge Garden Park has a new name. The Hurlbut Tennis and Garden Park!

At the end of 2016, The Richmond Tennis Association vowed to care for the grounds around the Richmond Municipal Natatorium.  Not only the regular clean-up of the two tennis courts but also the front garden area and both sides of the  property.The official new name of the tennis courts and surrounding land areas is now called the "Hurlbut Tennis and Garden Park." It is a Richmond, city owned park located all around the historic Richmond Municipal Natatorium Building (the "Plunge" pool).  There are two new tennis courts and a lovely, peaceful garden/picnic area with tables, benches, grilles and drinking fountain. A one-of-a-kind free little lending library is always open for visitors' enjoyment.  Over two hundred new plantings were installed by city employees and many neighborhood and family volunteers.  

The front of the property has been recently cleaned and the "Plunge West Project will add a new front to back entrance and walkway, a Bocce Ball court, a sustainability teaching garden and a Butterfly Habitat.


The PLUNGE GARDEN picnic area Grand Opening on June 11,2016 was a wonderful event!  Special thanks to our speakers:

Former Mayor Rosemary Corbin, Contra Costa Supervisor John Gioia, Vice Mayor Eduardo Martinez, Alex Knox from Mayor Butt's office, Council Member Vinay Pimple, City Services Director Rochelle Monk with Ranjana Maharaj, Mark Maltagioti from Parks & Landscaping, RCOC President, James Lee and Dr. Connie Portero, the Recreation and Parks Commission Chair.

Everyone was very grateful for the donations from our incredible food vendors:

Salute, The Mac Restaurant, Assemble and Pizza by Raymond's (you will see it soon, located next to

The Up & Under Pub and Grill).  

We also thank R&B Winery located across from The Red Oak Victory.

Come on by for a rest on the beautiful benches.  Watch the tennis.  Refresh at the drinking fountain.  Have a cookout on the grills where there is plenty of room at the picnic tables.  Don't forget, you can borrow a book from the free, little corner library that is fully stocked with interesting reads and, of course, a dip in the beautiful pool.


--- Maryn Hurlbut, Park Project Manager


Grow a garden, grow a community